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Holidays to Kavos Corfu & Lefkimmi
Travel guide with information on holidays to Kavos Corfu and Lefkimi. Covers accommodation (hotels, apartments, studios and villas), Kavos nightlife (bars, clubs) weather, map, Corfu beaches. Contains many photos of Kavos and pictures of Corfu.
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Theodora apartments

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Girls from Britain

Description: Girls from Britain
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04.06.2007 09:39
Image of commentsexy craig says:
hey babez nice pic. u look a nice set of girlies:P im goin 2 kavos on 22nds of june with all ladz theres 22 of us lol should be fun cant wait. what u think 2 the night life over there? if u want "...
21.01.2008 13:05
Image of commentbob says:
now then
19.02.2008 14:13
Image of commentbristol boys says:
were be here agust 4th guna tare it right up 28 boys gagging for sex!!!! repeat 28 better then 22 wotttttttttttt
21.03.2008 12:11
Image of commentGERD says:
28.04.2008 12:36
Image of commentkavospimp says:
28 wat ? cause now you mention theirs 1 of me but 28" of cock
13.05.2008 15:04
Image of commentCarlo says:
Ur all pricks, there 26 london boys comin there july 18th, smash any boys up and shag any girlz there!
15.05.2008 21:35
Image of commentsarah says:
its not quantiy its quality and there 18 oxford girls guna make ur holiday Wink
31.05.2008 07:48
Image of comment:P says:
You ride together...brokeback mountain boyz !!! Laughing i mean AA Bj and sti
17.06.2008 10:34
Image of commentsex fiend says:
al shag aw the birds there especially uz oxford wans get ur fuckin tits owt al smash aw uz poofy english cunts 30 scottish sex machines goin in july
21.06.2008 19:47
Image of commentDIZZY DIZ says:
23.06.2008 11:46
Image of commentthe main man says:
you are hot on the right im their this year but hay been going for the last five so cant beleve i never seen you dame xx
29.06.2008 17:20
Image of commentjenni says:
u bunch of twats
08.07.2008 12:46
Image of commentjimmy hill says:
cant wait going august 2nd on my own gonna have such a rave !!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
10.07.2008 11:28
Image of commentMatt the twat says:
damn ladies why couldn't you have been there last week .. yum yum
07.09.2008 01:11
Image of commentliabigniple says:
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17.12.2014 02:03
Image of commentLinda says:
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01.01.2015 10:01
Image of commentKailey says:
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